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The Liberals are up in arms again February 29, 2012

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The Libs and other Left wing Progressives have their undies tied up in knots again today. It seems that a Catholic priest in Maryland declined to allow a woman to partake of the Holy Eucharist at the funeral Mass for her mother. The reason being is the woman seems to be an avowed, practicing lesbian.

Of course, we hear the standard secular responses from self proclaimed “Catholics”.

“God loves EVERYONE !”  (Yes, He does!)

“God is a forgiving God !” (Yes, He is”)

“That priest had no right to judge her” – (Actually, he wasn’t)

Here’s the deal.  God made us the way we are. We are not perfect. It is our duty to know God, to love God and to serve Him.  He has set down rules which we are to OBEY (not a pleasant word in our society). In His wisdom, God made us male and female.  He made us in His likeness and image.

God set up the sacrament of Marriage.  He deems it to be a good thing.  In fact, God likes the sacrament of Marriage so much, that he has chosen it to mirror the relationship that He has with His Church.  He is the Groom and we are the Bride.  The ideal is to give each of ourselves to the other in a display of total and unbounded love.

The purpose of marriage (Sacramental, Roman Catholic marriage, as we understand it) is to be between male and female, and is to sustain the societal building block and to be open to life and to procreate when God desires to use us in this way.  Sexual intimacy is reserved for the married couple.  Any type of sexual intimacy outside of this bond, whether by heterosexual or homosexual individuals is fornication. Sexual intimacy between the married couple that is not open to life is also fornication. Being heterosexual and being married does not give you a free pass to use and abuse your spouse.

Same sex attraction is not a sin.  Being a homosexual or lesbian is not a sin. Being a heterosexual is not a sin.  Engaging in sexual activity (homosexual or heterosexual) outside of the domain reserved for married couples IS a sin.

To those who insist that God loves everyone – I agree, He does.  But He also hates sin, because it is the antithesis of Him.

To those who insist that God is a forgiving God – I agree, He is.  But to gain His forgiveness you must be repentant and must be willing to follow His ways, not yours.

To those who think this priest did wrong – well then, I guess you would also have to tell that to St. John the Baptist, who did the same exact thing by pointing out the inappropriate relationship between Herod and Herodias.  Personally, if I get to meet St. John the Baptist someday, they’re ain’t NO WAY that I would presume to tell him that he did something wrong.

The bottom line is this. If you are confused by any of this, I would suggest reading the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the early Church doctors and elders.  If you find that you cannot agree with what has been proclaimed, then I would suggest you stop calling yourself Catholic and go join some other church.  The Truth cannot change, and It won’t.

You can knock yourself out and call a duck a cat for 1000 years if you want; but even after a 1000 years, the duck will be a duck and the cat will still be a cat, no matter how badly you want it otherwise.



Watcha’ doin’ ? February 20, 2012

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For Lent, that is?  Ash Wednesday is the day after tomorrow.

Are you like many of us, who will make a sacrifice and give something up?  Maybe television, the Internet, chocolate or something else that is very part of your nature?  I read on a Catholic Website of a family who is going to try and do without electricity one night each week during Lent.  No, they won’t be turning off the main breaker, and they will allow small night lights so that they can navigate the house safely.  But they will try to do without the “normal” evening time artificial illumination, as well as TV and computers in order to lessen distractions.  They will use that time for prayer and Bible reading by candlelight in order to draw closer to the Lord.

But if you’re in a quandary about what to “give up”, how about not giving up anything at all?  How about doing something additional, instead?  Need some ideas?

  • Spend some time each night reading from one of the Gospels before going to bed?
  • Instead of listening to the radio during your daily commute – how about saying a rosary instead?
  • Take the money that you’d spend on that extra cup of coffee at work and place it in the Poor Box instead?
  • Take part in your parish’s Lenten program or parish mission, if your Pastor is holding one?
  • How about daily Mass, if you’re available?
  • A conscious effort to attend Stations of the Cross?
  • Go to confession if you haven’t been since you can remember?
  • All of the above and more?

The point is to not Lent go to waste!  It is a precious gift from God where we spend time getting ready to contemplate the Mystery of Salvation and to prepare for  season of Easter.  Make an effort for this not to be just another “normal” time of the year for you. Jesus came down to earth to suffer the cruelest kind of death, to restore the rift between God and man, that WE caused! When you receive Holy Eucharist this Easter-tide, know that He is truly present, and is coming to you as the food necessary in order to receive eternal life. How awesome is that?

There is no one, NO ONE who loves you more than God.


The Creed February 17, 2012

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And I believe what I believe
Is what makes me what I am
I did not make it, no it is making me
It is the very truth of God and not
The invention of any man

As we begin Lent, next Wednesday, I hope we will all use the season to make the above refrain a statement about our lives. My we be what we believe and may the Truth be so ingrained in us as to shine forth to all we know.

Rich Mullins who is the artist who wrote and is performing in this video, died in September 1997 in a tragic traffic accident.  He had recently completed RCIA and was scheduled to receive his First Eucharist that weekend.


I just don’t understand February 7, 2012

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You can’t pray in a public school – separation of Church and State.

You can’t display a Nativity Scene on public property – separation of Church and State.

You can’t hang a copy of the Ten Commandments in a public building – separation of Church and State.

Kids can’t pray before a game that’s held on public school property – separation of Church and State.

BUT …….

the Obama Administration is going to force businesses and organizations run by Catholic entities to pay for abortion and sterilization services.