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Full of admiration March 16, 2012

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When I was first contemplating writing this post, I had originally intended to use the word “Envy” in the title, as in “Full of Envy”.  But upon pondering about it, the word “admiration” is better suited.

And what I am most full of admiration for is those who convert to Catholicism. As a “Cradle Catholic” I have no idea as to what that experience is truly like.  But as a Catholic who is attempting to ever increase the depth of his faith and love, I can only imagine what the experience must be like.

Life changing, certainly.  I can only imagine the uncertainty, fear and trepidation that may go along with it, especially if you have been deeply entrenched in another faith.  Catholicism is such an ingrained part of my being, that I can hardly imagine what it must be like to NOT be Catholic – but I digress.

What must it be like to be a devout Baptist, Mormon, Jew, Presbyterian or whatever;  and come to the point where you have to tell your family and friends that you’ve decided that you want to be a Catholic?  Surely, we’re the most understood Faith, even with regards to our Protestant brothers and sisters, who should know us better than others.  But even they are woefully ignorant of our faith and have so many misconceptions as to what we believe and why.  I am sure that in many instances, that familial relationships as well as friendship relationships have been shattered for those who convert.

The journey itself is not easy for those born outside our Faith; but the rewards of “coming home” are so immense!  And it almost always shows.  A lot of the most devout and happy Catholics that I know are folks who made that journey. Their zeal, their enthusiasm, their devotion is palpable, intense and contagious.

For those of you out there, who might be interested in reading about some of these journeys, I have a couple of links.The first is to the blog of Cari Donaldson who authors the Blog “Clan Donladson”. This is her conversion story.

Another great place to go to is this Website – Why I’m Catholic

If you’re lukewarm about your faith, and you could use the witness of others, or you just want to be inspired, I’d ask you to spend some time reading some of these stories.  I have to warn you though, if you have any feelings or emotion inside of you at all, you’ll probably shed a tear or two of joy upon reading these.

I hope these testimonies  intensify and increase your own faith and conviction!






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