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Had a talk with my daughter – and had an epiphany. April 4, 2012

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Last Saturday was the last cheer competition of the season for my daughter.  There were five this year and my daughter’s squad did very well.  She cheers on the Junior Varsity squad at the local Catholic school that my kids attend.

About half way through the competition, the Holy Spirit knocked me on the head with an inspiration. He said to me, “It’s important to let Cara know how you feel about her – today!”  So as we got into the car to drive home, I told her the following.

Cara, I want you to know how proud I am of you.  Not because of your cheering (they came in 2nd) and not because of your good grades.  I am proud of you because of who you are.  I love you, have loved you and will always love you – no matter what.  That’s not to say that you won’t get mad at me from time to time; and I won’t get mad at you from time to time.  That’s just human nature and it will never mean that I love you any less.

I want you to know that I will ALWAYS be here for you and I never, ever want you to be afraid, to where you think that you can’t come to me with anything.

She cried and I cried a bit – and we hugged a lot.  I have never been shy, since Day 1,  on telling my kids how much I love them; but this extra stuff needed to be said.

My dad and I were never that close.  When he passed away about a dozen years ago, I was left with an empty feeling, wondering if he ever truly loved me.  He was not the kind of Dad that you could go to with problems. As long as things were smooth sailing, he was OK.  Ripples in the water caused problems for him.

When my kids were born, I made a promise to myself that someday, when I die, they will never have to ask themselves if I loved them. They will know down to the marrow of their bones, that their Dad thought they were the best.

Then it dawned upon me – again with a kick in the kiester from the Holy Spirit.  If I feel that way about my kids – how much more does the Father love me?  Sometimes I get down on myself for what a screw up I can be. Some times it feels like people only know me when they want something. Some times it feels like no one cares.

But my Father loves me – even when I’m not too keen about myself.




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