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Mom is gone May 15, 2012

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My Mom passed into Eternal Life last night.

I am sad and heart broken to the point that it’s hard to bear.  The prayers and thoughts of my relatives and friends, and my beautiful wife Marianne and our two children Joey and Cara are the only things holding me together at this point. Other wise, I would be a blubbering basket case (which would have really tic’ed my Mom off).

Needless to say, my Mom and I were very close.  She is most responsible for the way I turned out. She was my mom, my teacher and my friend.

She did not have an easy life. She was easily hurt by the thoughtlessness of others – sometimes, even by my own thoughtlessness.  She suffered many physical pains in her last years and throughout her life, as long as I can remember, she suffered from what we now know is depression.

She was steadfast in her Catholic Faith, however.  We would bolster each other, whenever we felt the need.  I am fervently praying that the physical and mental pain that she suffered here on Earth, negates or greatly diminishes any time spent in purgatory (I’m also a realist – my Mom was wonderful, but she had her faults, too).

It is my deepest hope that last night, when she passed at 8:35 PM, that she was immediately embraced by Jesus, and I am soooooooooo hoping that He said, “Job well done, my good and faithful daughter!”




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